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Cyber-Security Research Topics for Students

Cybersecurity is one of the most interesting areas of research. This research area has endless research topics that you can delve into. The most challenging part is to identify the best research topic that is interesting. 

To make your work easier, we have prepared more than 50 interesting research topics relating to cybersecurity which have been sorted into 6 categories.

Cybersecurity Data Science Research Topics

  1. Cybersecurity data science: an overview from machine learning
  2. A survey of big data analytics
  3. Patterns and predictability of cyber attacks
  4. Application of data science in cybersecurity
  5. Impacts of data quality, safety and data encryption
  6. Research on a framework for predicting data breach risk 

Cybersecurity Research Topics Relating to Computer and Software

  1. Application of firewalls in prevention of network attacks
  2. Security measures applicable in Linux and Windows Operating System
  3. Data encryption algorithms and how it works
  4. Best cybersecurity practices to prevent computer attacks
  5. Importance of cyber security audits in an organization
  6. Data breaches in information systems
  7. Malware prevention and detection in information and computer systems.
  8. Data security and privacy
  9. Cloud computing security implementation
  10. IoT data security and privacy
  11. Implementation of biometrics security

Digital Forensic Research Topics

  1. SQL injection attack and how it is prevented
  2. Solutions for Seed LAB VM assignments 
  3. SEED Heart bleed attack
  4. Launching buffer overflow attack in Linux environment.
  5. Digital forensic investigation process model
  6. Mobile cloud forensics research
  7. Network analysis and forensics research
  8. Digital forensic tools 

Cybersecurity Risk Management Research Topics

  1. Cybersecurity risk management framework
  2. Importance of risk management in cybersecurity
  3. Cybersecurity risk management plan
  4. Cybersecurity risk mitigation plan
  5. What are the emerging cybersecurity challenges?

Technology Cybersecurity Research Topics on Data Management

  1. Effects of cybersecurity practices on organization performance
  2. Organization cybersecurity management and policy
  3. Privacy and data security
  4. Discuss the concept of social engineering and its importance
  5. Discus the steps of handling to an emergency hacking
  6. Cybercrimes and identity theft and their implications in information systems
  7. Data security measures in Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Unix
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